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Dictionary of Vexillology: E (Enamels - Enhanced Bend Sinister)

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An alternative term for the basic colours used in heraldry - see ‘appendix III’.

tincture tincture tincture tincture tincture
From left: Gules, Azure, Vert, Purpure and Sable

See ‘arched’ and ‘embowed’.

[enarched example]
Flag of Nebikon, Switzerland

A medieval term, now obsolete, for a mounted standard bearer (see also ‘balcanifer’).

enceniator example
Royal Standard Bearer/Enceniator, England c1450 (Wikipedia)

See ‘covering’ and ‘overall 2)

State Flag of Bremen, Germany (fotw)

See ‘indented’.

endented endented
Example (Parker); Flag of Munxar, Malta (fotw)

See ‘triangular-ended’.

 Donja Dubrava
Gonfalon of Donja Dubrava, Croatia (fotw)

See 'palet' in ‘Appendix VI’.

[endorse example]

See ‘addorsed’ and ‘appendix V’.

[endorsed example] Kolšov, Czech Republic
Flag and Arms of Kolšov, Czech Republic

See ‘inflamed’.

[enflamed example] [enflamed example]
Flag and arms of Velika Ludina, Croatia

(adj) A heraldic term for where a division in the field of a banner of arms or shield, a border or the edge of an ordinary, is cut into a series of indented curves or half circles strung together - that is with the half-circles facing inward and points outward - ingrailed (see also ‘armorial bearings’, ‘banner of arms’, ‘coat of arms’, ‘invected’, ‘ordinary’ ‘shield’, and ‘scalloped’).

Genthod, Switzerland Berry, France Výcapy, Czech Republic Broërec-Vannetais, France
Flag of Genthod, Switzerland (fotw); Flag of Berry, France (fotw); Flag of Výcapy, Czech Republic (fotw); Flag of Broërec-Vannetais, France (fotw)

See ‘engrailed’.

cross engrailed cross engrailed
Arms and Flag of Espinho, Portugal (Sérgio Horta)

(adj) A term for a form of flag, now largely but not entirely obsolete, whose fly either came to a point or was extended by a central projection, but in which both sides form a concave arc (see also ‘engrailed’, ‘ogival’), ‘stepped fly’ and ‘schwenkel’).

Tunis 14th century Sibenik, Croatia 14th century Aragon, Spain 13th century Vall de Gallinera, Spain
From left: 14th Century Flag of Tunis (fotw), 14th Century Flag of Sibenik, Croatia (Tomislav Todorovic); 13th Century Flag of Aragon (fotw); Flag of Vall de Gallinera, Spain (fotw)

a) This is not an established term, but has been introduced by the Editors since no established alternative could be found.
b) At the time of writing it is unclear as to whether the flag having a straight-sided but angled fly (as illustrated below) should be considered as “engrailed” or “stepped” – see ‘stepped fly’.

Betxi, Spain
Flag of Betxi, Spain (Jose Antonio Jimenez Ruiz)

A heraldic term for when the main ordinary on a shield, banner of arms or flag is placed in a higher position than its proper place - raised (see also ‘abased’, ‘banner of arms’ and ‘ordinary’).

enhanced examples  enhanced examples
Examples; Flag of Světlá nad Sázavou (fotw)

Please note however, that enhanced has a slightly different meaning when applied to the vexillological terms enhanced bend and enhanced bend sinister given below.

See ‘north-south diagonal’ (also ‘Appendix IX’).

[enhanced bend example]

See ‘south-north diagonal’ (also ‘Appendix IX’).

[enhanced bend sinister example]

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